I've been building software professionally for over 20 years in a variety of languages and technologies. For the past 10+ years my focus has been on Ruby/Rails and modern Javascript applications and it's been a blast. I'm looking to continue using those tools to build software to solve real problems for real businesses.

Work History

30 Cubits · Founder/CEO

2010 - Present

This is the company I started when I went out on my own in 2010 and is used as the front for my own consulting services and other web projects.

Recent Projects

Rental Automation & Invoicing (2018 - Present)

A business specializing in renting linens and leisure equipment to vacation rental houses approached me a while back about building software to help run their business end to end. With a surprisingly complex business model, Ruby/Rails 6 and Turbolinks coupled with Stimulus on the front-end has proved to be a great fit, allowing me to quickly build interactive user experiences without having to resort to the heavy SPA approach so popular these days. Simple, server-rendered markup with Stimulus to make the front-end dance where needed has made us all happy.

Notable features: Customer reservation system using modern Javascript coupled with server-rendered markup to provide on-the-fly calculations as items get added to the reservation.

WordPress Plugin for Webinars (2019 - Present)

What's great about modern Javascript tools like Stimulus is that it can be applied to any app regardless of the back-end. I was recently asked to build a WordPress plugin to allow website visitors to sign up for, and watch, scheduled webinar videos. It has some particularly interesting front-end features surrounding the waiting room and making the webinar video itself interactive with various calls to action. My natural goto was Stimulus for the front-end, which has not only allowed me to build clean front-end features, but also keeps me out of the WP/PHP muck as much as possible. :)

Warehouse Fulfillment Mobile App (2019)

Using React Native to build out a cross-platform mobile app for a client was an eye-opening experience for me. While we didn't use technologies like Stimulus or Turbolinks for it of course, it had me wishing every day I could've built it out in a similar way that Basecamp itself approached its mobile apps. It also reinforced my opinions around the overly complex Javascript solutions giving Javascript a bad name, which is shame. I'd like to help change that perception.


Backbone.js Screencasts (retired in 2012)

In-depth screencasts focused on building applications using Backbone.js, hosted at

reality66 · CTO/Lead Developer

2012 - Present

Responsible for building and managing the technologies behind all ecommerce products, including the flagship product, Cart66.


Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Laravel, FatFree, PHP, WordPress, AWS



A complete ecommerce platform, built in Ruby on Rails, with features for selling many different types of products such as physical goods, digital products, memberships, subscriptions and services. Key features included a custom subscription billing engine, integration with over 100 payment gateways and an automated page cloning technology allowing full customization of the checkout pages and customer portal.

CloudSwipe (retired)

A hosted payment page solution, built in Ruby on Rails, providing merchants with a secure way to accept payments on their WordPress and PrestaShop sites.

Hurricane (retired)

An affiliate platform, built in Laravel/PHP, allowing merchants to create and manage affiliate programs. Key features included a custom designed asset creation tool for creating ads and other creatives that could be used by the affiliates.

TrackAbout · Senior Software Engineer

2008 - 2010

Responsible for maintaining and adding features to an large hosted asset tracking system which is heavily used in the packaged gas industry. Also participated in a large rewrite of the handheld mobile application for collecting data used in the asset tracking system onto Windows Mobile.


C#, VB.NET, Windows Mobile

Ironworks Consulting · Senior Consultant

2007 - 2008

Focusing mainly on building web applications for clients using frameworks like Castle MonoRail and introducing engineering practices such as TDD, BDD, DDD.


C#, .NET

TCSC · Senior Consultant

2005 - 2007

Primarily responsible for introducing and mentoring Scrum and agile engineering practices such as automated build scripts, continuous integration, test-driven development and domain-driven design on various client and in-house projects.

Projects included Smart Clients and web applications using technologies such as CAB, WCF, Spring.NET, Castle MonoRail/Windsor and NHibernate to name a few.


C#, VB.NET, WCF, NHibernate

Iron Mountain · Software/Systems Engineer

1996 - 2005

Started out as a systems engineer and moved into a software developer role, building out internal products for managing networks and virtual machine environments.