Career Profile

A seasoned and innovative Full Stack Developer with over two decades of experience, I bring a deep expertise in both Rails and JavaScript. My career has been characterized by a strong focus on developing and architecting sophisticated web applications, with a special emphasis on utilizing Rails and advanced JavaScript technologies, including Stimulus. I am particularly passionate about Test-Driven Development (TDD), both in practice and as a mentor, guiding teams to adopt this methodology to ensure the delivery of high-quality, robust, and maintainable code.


Lead Software Engineer

2020 - Present
Surf & Adventure Co. - Contract
  • Orchestrated the end-to-end development of a custom Rails application designed to streamline the operations of a linen and beach equipment rental business in Sandbridge, VA.
  • Led the project as the Product Manager, overseeing the conceptualization, design, and implementation phases, ensuring the application effectively met business needs.
  • Creatively designed and developed the application to handle critical business functions such as online reservations, inventory management, and payment processing.
  • Implemented a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy reservation and delivery of linens to various houses in the Sandbridge area, enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • Developed a robust inventory management system within the app, enabling accurate tracking and allocation of rental items, thereby reducing errors and improving resource utilization.
  • Integrated secure payment processing capabilities, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction experience for customers.
  • Played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of the business, contributing to an increase in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth through the effective use of technology.

Senior Software Engineer

2020 - 2023
Allied World - Contract
  • Spearheaded the development of a comprehensive web application for Allied World’s Reinsurance business, encompassing underwriting, claims, and accounting modules.
  • Utilized a blend of advanced technologies including Rails, Tailwind CSS, and Stimulus, elevating the team’s expertise through effective mentoring in Test-Driven Development (TDD).
  • As a pivotal member of the Architecture Council, I steered architectural decisions, ensuring adherence to Rails best practices and fostering high-quality, sustainable code development.
  • Led and motivated a dynamic team of over 10 software engineers, instilling a culture of technical excellence and innovation.

Senior Software Engineer

2018 - 2020
Augusto Digital - Contract
  • Played a key role in leading diverse client projects, including Salesforce/CRM integration using C#/.NET, and architecting a bespoke Ruby on Rails application for NC start-ups.
  • Instrumental in the integration of automated testing within the team, significantly enhancing code quality and reliability.
  • Developed a specialized React Native application for warehouse tracking, providing an enhanced native iOS user experience.

Co-Founder, CTO/Lead Designer & Engineer

2012 - 2020
  • Co-founded Cart66, revolutionizing ecommerce for WordPress users by creating a robust Ruby on Rails backend platform.
  • Led the design and development of large-scale ecommerce solutions, supporting thousands of customers in building and growing their online stores.
  • Innovated in the realm of PCI compliance with a unique cloning system for PCI compliant checkout pages, a precursor to similar solutions by major players like Stripe.
  • Collaborated with key partners, including WooCommerce, to deliver seamless integrations and developed a range of ecommerce products targeting various niches.

Senior Software Engineer

2008 - 2010
TrackAbout, Inc.
  • Entrusted with the maintenance and enhancement of a large-scale asset tracking system, widely used in the packaged gas industry.
  • Conducted a significant rewrite of the handheld mobile application for data collection, transitioning to Windows Mobile.
  • Mentored fellow engineers in TDD and robust coding practices, leveraging my extensive expertise in C#/.NET.

Senior Consultant

2005 - 2008
TCSC, Ironworks Consulting
  • Focused on the development of web applications using Castle MonoRail, incorporating advanced engineering practices such as TDD, BDD, and DDD.
  • As a Senior Consultant, I was instrumental in embedding Scrum and agile methodologies in various projects, significantly improving delivery timelines and product quality.
  • Worked on cutting-edge projects employing technologies such as CAB, WCF, Spring.NET, Castle MonoRail/Windsor, and NHibernate.

Software/Systems Engineer

1996 - 2005
Iron Mountain
  • Specialized in automating desktop and server setups, significantly streamlining deployment processes and enhancing system efficiency.
  • Engineered bespoke network solutions, demonstrating expertise in both network infrastructure and custom application development.
  • Led the creation of innovative in-house networking applications, tailored to meet specific organizational needs and improve operational workflows.
  • Played a crucial role in the digital transformation of Iron Mountain, contributing to both hardware and software aspects of IT infrastructure.

Skills & Proficiency


Ruby on Rails


Tailwind CSS