About Me


  • Blessed husband and father to 4 · married 17 years and counting!
  • We've homeschooled our children from day one · ages 3 to almost 16 :flushed:
  • I enjoy kayaking, fishing, woodworking, baseball, cubing, drumming, board games and long walks ... in the woods · though I rarely get to do them these days
  • I really like farming and supporting local farmers · we even spent 5 years dabbling in farming ourselves, raising goats, rabbits, broilers and layers and hope to get back to it one day
  • Loyal Braves fan · #ChopOn
  • I used to own a yellow 1984 Chevy C20 pickup truck named "Funder" by one of my sons · and it was the best truck in the world
  • Yellow is my favorite color · obviously


  • Spent the last ~10 years mostly in Ruby/Rails and modern Javascript · and loving every minute of it
  • I've worked from home for those 10 years, and then some · yes, I'm probably still in my pajamas
  • The previous 10 years I was deep into the .NET development world · also known as being stuck in the matrix
  • I live the Vim lifestyle on home row as much as possible · :q to quit, folks

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