About the same time I switched over to Ruby/Rails from my previous life as a .NET developer, I had already switched over to using Macintosh computers. One of my first Macs was the beastly 17" MacBook Pro from back in the day. That was my main machine for a long time and I think I still have it around here somewhere weighing down stacks of paper I'm sure.

Some of my favorite macOS apps

  • Alfred · the best way to launch anything
  • Bartender · taming the menu bar beast
  • CheatSheet · quick way to learn keyboard shortcuts in everyday macOS apps
  • Dash · my goto tool for looking up language docs (works great with Alfred)
  • Droplr · screenshot/video sharing with annotations
  • ExpressVPN · public wi-fi is the wild wild west
  • iStat Menus · geeking out on fan speeds, temperatures and weather
  • iTerm2 · my default terminal client of choice
  • Pixelmator Classic · not used too much, but for basic image editing needs
  • SizeUp · simple window manager with keyboard shortcuts I've used for years
  • Sizzy · recent addition is a must-have for web designers/developers
  • Things · don't use it as much as I should, but my goto "todo" app
  • Transmit · scp is great and everything, but sometimes I like seeing pretty colors