Throwback To Building & Modding PCs

Jan 25 2018

Seeing Paul Stamatiou’s epic blog post about him building a custom PC brought back my own memories from 15 years ago doing the same thing. So I dug up some old (admittedly crappy) photos of those old times.

A few months before I was doing this…

I was doing this…

(yes, the pictures are terrible, but give me a break, it was 2002!)

…hacking on PCs for fun (but certainly not profit). These were the days of Quake LAN parties and mini-fridges full of Mountain Dew. But it was also a time of great learning, especially about power tools and some very rudimentary electrical engineering. Coming home from Radio Shack with a bag full of random parts to build a LED fan switch plate, neon lights and liquid cooled CPUs. Those were the days, eh?

Eventually I moved away from hacking away on PCs and went full force into hacking on code. However, in the past few years, I’ve really enjoyed getting into woodworking. There is just something about building something tangible with your hands that building software just doesn’t quite satisfy.

Happy Thursday!