P90X Portion Chart - Bento Template

Aug 08 2011

So I’ve been wanting a way to track my P90X nutrition program on my iPhone for a while now. There have been a couple iPhone apps that have appeared/disappeared in the App Store due to violation with the Beach Body folks, who created the P90X program. There have been rumors about Beach Body themselves creating an iPhone app but no idea what’s going on with that.

Bento for iPhone

As much as I’d love to make an attempt at building my own iPhone app for this, I have no time for that right now and just need a simple solution to get me by. Enter, Bento for iPhone! My needs are very simple. I just wanted a simple checklist of sorts that I could use to check off how many proteins, carbs, veggies, etc. that I eat in a given day. No detail about the foods or anything, just simple tracking of how many portions from each group I’ve eaten.

So I created this extremely simple Bento template that tracks this information for me. Here’s what it looks like.

P90X Bento Template P90X Bento Template

Very simple solution to a simple need I had. Perhaps too simple for most folks, but it’s really all I need right now. Hopefully this can help some of you guys that migh be on the P90X insane train too. :)