Laid back, late-night code talks, interested?

Aug 14 2011

Let's talk!

Last week, I had a crazy notion of wanting to get a few other Ruby developers together for a completely informal late-night group chat about testing, gem dependencies and dealing with large Rails applications. Many thanks to Brian Hogan, Derick Bailey and Mel Riffe for hanging with me in a Google+ Hangout last Wednesday night. I learned a ton and it was a LOT of fun!

So, I kind of want to make this a regular thing, possibly weekly. Using a Google+ Hangout worked out really well, but it has the disadvantage that folks with GAFYD accounts can’t access Google+ (srsly, Google?!?). Perhaps Skype would be a better, more accessible choice. We’ll figure that part out if there is enough interest.

At this point, I think the 2nd “code talk” is going to happen this Wednesday evening (hosted by, time TBA. If this is something you’d be interested in, leave a comment below or shoot me an email and let me know and also suggest some topic ideas. I’ve thought about starting to record these, so also let me know if that would be an issue for you.