Hire Me

Current Availability: ~10 hours per week

Do you or your team need help:

  • in building out an MVP of your new idea quickly?
  • with introducing or ramping up the testing in your existing applications?
  • tackling that next feature in your web application from an experienced full-stack developer?

Why would you hire me?

I've spent the last 10+ years building and maintaining a variety of Rails and Javascript applications for everything from ecommerce platforms to medical records management. I also know the ups and downs of running small software companies and having to work within constraints.

You can learn more about me or view my resume.

Technologies I :heart: Right Now:

  • Ruby on Rails · no, it's not dead, more alive than ever
  • Stimulus · a sane, lightweight javascript framework amongst a sea of overcomplicated ones
  • Tailwind CSS · the best thing to happen to CSS since, well, ever
  • Webpack · nice, fast alternative to Sprockets
  • Jekyll · static sites, love 'em (like this one)

Bonus points for the above, but not a requirement. :wink:

Sound good?