Coder Talk - Episode 3

Aug 25 2011

Coder Talk

Another long episode of Coder Talk is here, hosted by myself and Derick Bailey. This week we are joined by Joe Fiorini, Alan Audette, Nathan Palmer, Paul Yoder and Thomas Brewer. We discuss javascript inheritance, the joys of pair programming, which VM product can beat up the other VM product’s daddy and our love for static blogs including an interesting idea from Joe. We also heard a great success story from Paul on building a lean, profitable software product, DonorElf. Finally, we wrapped things up giving tons of love to one of our favorite products out there right now, KickoffLabs and talk about some of the projects we’re all working on.

Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!

No Audio, Sorry!

I've since lost the audio for these Coder Talk Show episodes, but you can find the links from the show below. :disappointed: