I’ve been programming for 25 years (starting when I was 12) and have worked in lots of different technologies over the years. I spent many years working professionally in .NET, but in 2010 I dove head first into the world of Ruby and haven’t looked back since. Since then I’ve built various types of web apps relating to healthcare and e-commerce. Here is what I’m working on right now.


CloudSwipe is a secure hosted payment solution and is the successor to the Mijireh service.  It provides a PCI Compliant hosted payment page for over 150 payment gateways.


Cart66 is an e-commerce platform designed for WordPress. It combines a WordPress plugin with secure connected services to allow merchants to easily set up their store without having to bother with the headaches of PCI Compliance.


Mijireh is a hosted payment page solution which integrates with many popular WordPress shopping carts and other e-commerce products. It provides a PCI Compliant checkout page with the support of over 100 payment gateways.